Muskrat delayed: A Delmarva culinary lesson learned

While I do like to eat muskrat, I might like telling people that I eat muskrat nearly as much and sharing my muskrat adventure

The best kind of alcohol tasting tour

The best part of trying different brands of alcohol at trade shows is that it gives you a chance to taste things you normally

(Last) Week in Review

  In addition to posting this weekly, I’m going to start an email newsletter so you can stay in touch and eventuall

Podcasting for public radio and mostly not vanity

Podcasting for public radio is something I do as much because I the medium as anything else. I do three podcasts each week: O

My public restroom obsession

The last time I had a fast food hamburger was in Fuddrucker’s in the 1990s. My kids called it “Funrucker’s&#

Imagining The Ramble in real life

While it’s not a full blown tragedy, it was a little unfortunate that the threatening weather prevented some people from att

Blades resident overcomes adversity, gives back to fellow single mothers

In the 1940s, Helen E. Young was a single mother and a seventh grade dropout. Last year, the Blades resident endowed a $50,000

‘I knew when I was in the 8th Grade that I wanted to be a Trooper’

Captain Sherri Benson of the Delaware State Police poses  with a photo of her grandfather, Harry Howard, a

Tech Talk evolves into community service at the Laurel Library

Libraries always have been centers of learning more than they have been repositories of knowledge. More than a place where a c

The Sights, Sounds and smells of the Wicomico County Fair

There was gunfire, a lot of it, but no screaming or running. In fact no one even flinched. Kids and adults alike posed before

Salisbury’s 3rd Friday goes to the, well, you know…

Gill Allen and Kathryn Saller White look on as Madelyn Benn  feeds Sandy during 3rd Friday’s ‘Dog Days of Summer.’&

Local taekwondo teacher’s work catches Hall of Fame’s eye

Molie Blaz, whose taekwondo title is Sabumnim Blaz  demonstrated a position in the mirror while her students  worked