The Sights, Sounds and smells of the Wicomico County Fair

There was gunfire, a lot of it, but no screaming or running. In fact no one even flinched. Kids and adults alike posed before antique tractors, ate popcorn and generally wandered around taking in the county fair. If you’ve never been, let this serve as fair warning. There is gunplay, and everyone there is fine with it. Art Williams of Felton, Del. galloped on horseback, executing balloon after balloon in a demonstration of horsemanship. He

Salisbury’s 3rd Friday goes to the, well, you know…

Gill Allen and Kathryn Saller White look on as Madelyn Benn  feeds Sandy during 3rd Friday’s ‘Dog Days of Summer.’  Photo by Tony Russo Each 3rd Friday seems to attract more people than the last. And although that can’t possibly be true there always are plenty of folks Downtown enjoying the event, participating in the event and people watching. This month, they also were dog watching.  The Dog Days of Summer theme brought out plenty

Local taekwondo teacher’s work catches Hall of Fame’s eye

Molie Blaz, whose taekwondo title is Sabumnim Blaz  demonstrated a position in the mirror while her students  worked to replicate it. Photo by Tony Russo  Molie Blaz settled down her class nearly instantaneously. The students fell in line and she took them through the opening parts of their class at SunDragon Martial Arts in Laurel. Before the class started, the students had been more than a little wound up, playing a taekwondo version of redlight/greenlight.

From Western Sussex to Eastern Asia

Rick Dickerson poses in front of his Route 13 farm stand.  Dickerson recently returned from an economic development  mission to China and Vietnam to build business for the American  Soybean Market. He was selected from hundreds of applicants  to take the trip. Photo by Tony Russo “The first thing they tried to feed me was jellyfish.”  Rick Dickerson is a Laurel farmer and doesn’t eat much jellyfish when he’s not in China. But he’s a good guest and

Delmar may begin to make downtown revival inroads

Sandy Rose,  Patsy Bridge, Misty Fields and Cindy Dayton want  to help transform the Delmar downtown into a viable, occasional,  destination for local and regional artisans to show off their talents  and bring Delmar a little more recognition in the region. Downtowns all over the Eastern Shore are having revivals, capitalizing on a combination of the buy local movement and depressed rents for underpopulated city centers. A decade ago, Berlin, Md. began holding a monthly “Second Friday”

Good reads, regional culture and plenty to eat at the Delmar Library

Barbara Elliott, Rachel Florentino, Susan Uphole, Diana Young  and Sandy Scott enjoyed a lunch with one another from a book  about Delmarva Cooking as part of the Delmar Library’s  “Escape the Ordinary” adult program.  Libraries increasingly are becoming community centers and not just for towns that don’t have them. As long as people have wanted to pass learning down in a community, libraries have acted as both the conduit and receptacle of community knowledge. The digital

Three good signs of an amusing week

I love knowing that this used to just say: “Free Samples Try Me!” At the end of a long week, it always is nice to spend a Saturday morning running what might be called pleasant errands. We do this occasionally in the Russo household, but not nearly as often as we ought. The way it works is that we have a short list of things that we’d like to pick up and all morning to

Program offers guidance to veterans who want to start a new business

Project Opportunity free entrepreneur training for vets will be offered this fall. There is an interest meeting beginning 6:30 p.m. Monday, Aug. 24, at the Wicomico Partnership, 408 Cole Circle in Salisbury. For more information visit or call Joe Giordano at 410-860-6664. Military service can give a person access to as much self-knowledge as it can intellectual knowledge. Training teaches them a skill, but it also teaches a lesson about limits and wherewithal. Increasingly,

Learning to appreciate the natural wonders of Trap Pond

Fritz and Elsbeth Whal look on as naturalist Diane Twining  shows them the field guide she prefers to use when identifying species of birdat Trap Pond State Park. Photo by Tony Russo Diane Twining stood under the portico at the entrance to the Baldcypress Nature Center talking to the few people who had assembled there. There were two couples, the Mehalyaks (John and Pat) and the Whals (Fritz and Elsbeth) each there for the Saturday Morning Bird

Mead, follow, or get out of the way

Seaford resident Jon Talkington, one of the owners of the planned  Brimming Horn Meadery in Lewes, has won  some of the  most prestigious awards bestowed upon mead makers. That one of the oldest drinks in history also is among the most obscure makes sense on some level. After all, mead hasn’t been a commonly served drink in America for at least a couple of hundred years. The fermented honey drink mostly is associated with Vikings and medieval castles, not

Local barbecue phenom goes regional

Dillon Booth ran the table at the inaugural Boss Ross Smokeout in Seaford, Del. this weekend, picking up top honors in the overall competition as well as taking first place in the chicken competition and third in ribs. In his short career, the 17-year old, has racked up a couple of grand championships on the minor circuit and may have to begin competing at the pro level, something that no one thought likely or possible

‘Torches’ could be a boost for culture

 On the face of it, the Salisbury Chamber of Commerce’s replacement for the Salisbury Festival seems to be, well, not. In its heyday, the festival was a massive draw to the riverwalk park. It drew from Ocean City’s Springfest as well as from the Salisbury University student population. It was a reason for locals and visitors alike to go to Salisbury. But then it wasn’t. In recent years, for a host of reasons the Salisbury