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I edit a bunch of different websites. This includes everything from rewriting press releases to blogging and managing bloggers. is by far the most popular, but other sites include,,, and as well as their attendant Social Media sites.

‘I Love This Beer’

This was a fun project I undertook for Shore Craft Beer’s promotion of craft beer lovers month. It gave brewers, bartenders and regular craft beer lovers the chance to talk about a beer they loved and why they loved it. Some were pretty detailed some were pretty basic, but it was a fun project to do and came out pretty well.

Short spots

I’ve started making tiny, on the fly commercials to promote events or businesses. It’s really amazing what can be done with an iPhone and Audacity. Hell, if it’s quiet enough the iPhone is enough, but recording the audio separately makes a difference I think.

Video updates

Of course I would prefer if you subscribed to all of these various websites or YouTube pages, but I get that that can be a lot. If you want, I can just send you an email…

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