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I’ve written a couple of books for the History Press on regional beer culture. They’re available at pretty cheap but there also is a virtual signing over at where you can have the book inscribed by the author, if that’s your thing.

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I’m the editor over at where I produce a weekly news roundup post as well as the occasional experience blog.

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In 2017 I started an opinion column called “Beerspectives” for the website, Sometimes the language is a little aggressive and sometimes the tone is a little dismissive, but I’m an overweight white guy writing a beer column. It’s kind of a requirement.

Tony Russo’s Beerspectives

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Sometimes I’m write freelance one-offs that I’m proud of, other times I’ll write a guest post. These are some of my favorites.

Reimagining the Boilermaker as a Craft Beer Cocktail |

There was a little romance connected with my first boilermaker. It was a little after 8 a.m. in a Jersey City, New Jersey, storefront Italian club where there was nothing odd about chasing shots with nips of macro beer joylessly on a Sunday morning.