Imagining The Ramble in real life

While it’s not a full blown tragedy, it was a little unfortunate that the threatening weather prevented some people from attending the Ramble Festival this weekend in Laurel. The festival wasn’t just a fun fall event, although it was a fun fall event. Rather it was a kind of a physical thought experiment that invited attendees to imagine a future downtown Laurel. The future Laurel it suggested was more than just a retail haven, although

Blades resident overcomes adversity, gives back to fellow single mothers

In the 1940s, Helen E. Young was a single mother and a seventh grade dropout. Last year, the Blades resident endowed a $50,000 scholarship for single mothers at Coppin University. In the intervening decades she put it a lot of hard work, raising six sons and overcoming the handicaps of segregation and a secret disability. Born in 1932, by the time she was old enough to recognize hard times the Great Depression nearly was over,

‘I knew when I was in the 8th Grade that I wanted to be a Trooper’

Captain Sherri Benson of the Delaware State Police poses  with a photo of her grandfather, Harry Howard, and the  Laurel police officers he worked with in the 1960s.  Benson, who retires this year was inspired by him to  become a state trooper. Photo by Tony Russo In the mid 1980s, when Capt. Sherri Benson’s career with the Delaware State Police (DSP) began, women still weren’t common applicants. In fact, she was only one of three in her class that

Tech Talk evolves into community service at the Laurel Library

Libraries always have been centers of learning more than they have been repositories of knowledge. More than a place where a community keeps its books, libraries also attract people who want to help others get the most from their library experience. In the last few decades, that has come to include adding cultural and academic programs for child and adult learning. In more recent years the library’s mandate has come to include providing community access

Local taekwondo teacher’s work catches Hall of Fame’s eye

Molie Blaz, whose taekwondo title is Sabumnim Blaz  demonstrated a position in the mirror while her students  worked to replicate it. Photo by Tony Russo  Molie Blaz settled down her class nearly instantaneously. The students fell in line and she took them through the opening parts of their class at SunDragon Martial Arts in Laurel. Before the class started, the students had been more than a little wound up, playing a taekwondo version of redlight/greenlight.

‘Torches’ could be a boost for culture

 On the face of it, the Salisbury Chamber of Commerce’s replacement for the Salisbury Festival seems to be, well, not. In its heyday, the festival was a massive draw to the riverwalk park. It drew from Ocean City’s Springfest as well as from the Salisbury University student population. It was a reason for locals and visitors alike to go to Salisbury. But then it wasn’t. In recent years, for a host of reasons the Salisbury

Buying and selling at the Delmar surplus auction

This story originally appeared in the April 23, 2015 edition of the Laurel Star. Willie Benton of Eastern shore Auctions spent the better part  of Saturday calling out prices and bidders at the Delmar Police  surplus auction.  The Delmar police surplus and seizure auction wasn’t scheduled until 10 a.m. Saturday, but people had been inspecting items and equipment all week and by 7 a.m. were milling about near the auction ground at the former police department building

Happy Birthday to you, and you and you at Deer’s Head

Salisbury Jaycees volunteer Lacey Coleman and Stephen Rini  play Bingo as part of the March group birthday party held  at Deer’s Head Hospital Center. Submitted photo  Giving is a contagion, if a pleasant one. For the Salisbury Jaycees, participating in the March birthday party at Deer’s Head Hospital Center is a particular fulfillment of this disposition to serve. The club is one of 12 organizations that volunteers to put on a birthday party for the Deer’s