Imagining The Ramble in real life

While it’s not a full blown tragedy, it was a little unfortunate that the threatening weather prevented some people from attending the Ramble Festival this weekend in Laurel. The festival wasn’t just a fun fall event, although it was a fun fall event. Rather it was a kind of a physical thought experiment that invited attendees to imagine a future downtown Laurel. The future Laurel it suggested was more than just a retail haven, although

Local taekwondo teacher’s work catches Hall of Fame’s eye

Molie Blaz, whose taekwondo title is Sabumnim Blaz  demonstrated a position in the mirror while her students  worked to replicate it. Photo by Tony Russo  Molie Blaz settled down her class nearly instantaneously. The students fell in line and she took them through the opening parts of their class at SunDragon Martial Arts in Laurel. Before the class started, the students had been more than a little wound up, playing a taekwondo version of redlight/greenlight.

Good reads, regional culture and plenty to eat at the Delmar Library

Barbara Elliott, Rachel Florentino, Susan Uphole, Diana Young  and Sandy Scott enjoyed a lunch with one another from a book  about Delmarva Cooking as part of the Delmar Library’s  “Escape the Ordinary” adult program.  Libraries increasingly are becoming community centers and not just for towns that don’t have them. As long as people have wanted to pass learning down in a community, libraries have acted as both the conduit and receptacle of community knowledge. The digital