The Sights, Sounds and smells of the Wicomico County Fair

There was gunfire, a lot of it, but no screaming or running. In fact no one even flinched. Kids and adults alike posed before antique tractors, ate popcorn and generally wandered around taking in the county fair. If you’ve never been, let this serve as fair warning. There is gunplay, and everyone there is fine with it. Art Williams of Felton, Del. galloped on horseback, executing balloon after balloon in a demonstration of horsemanship. He

1st Saturday looks to normalize city’s music culture

Leo DiLone, Rance Weaver and Ryland Weaver pose near the 1st Saturday sign at the Launch party and fundraiser.  Photo by Tony Russo Last month more than 100 people packed Headquarters Live to celebrate what many are hoping will be the next major development in the Salisbury Arts scene: 1st Saturday. The plan was to raise money as well as awareness about the warm weather concert series, slated to begin April 4 and run monthly through October.