Muskrat delayed: A Delmarva culinary lesson learned

While I do like to eat muskrat, I might like telling people that I eat muskrat nearly as much and sharing my muskrat adventures most of all. Friday night I declared a (fairly spontaneous) Varmint Fest, which is to say I wanted to arrange to go out to a muskrat dinner. There are only small pockets of places that serve this delicacy and the Delmarva Peninsula is one of them. The simple reason is that they

A Muskrat Economy

This is how you take notes in the 21st century.  I always did good, honest work in college, but basing a book on research you did more than a decade ago isn’t wise. In addition to running out and visiting Castle Haven, I went back to double check my research. Much of it is online, but I hoped I could deepen my understanding and maybe get some more relevant photos with a peek at the