‘I knew when I was in the 8th Grade that I wanted to be a Trooper’

Captain Sherri Benson of the Delaware State Police poses  with a photo of her grandfather, Harry Howard, and the  Laurel police officers he worked with in the 1960s.  Benson, who retires this year was inspired by him to  become a state trooper. Photo by Tony Russo In the mid 1980s, when Capt. Sherri Benson’s career with the Delaware State Police (DSP) began, women still weren’t common applicants. In fact, she was only one of three in her class that

When you say it’s not about race, it’s about race

Angry white males get to sleep it off… I’m not racist because I treat black people differently, but I’m probably racist in that I count on other people being racist. If I see a black guy in an Audi (or Lexus or whatever) speeding, I’ll pace him secure in my cynicism that a black guy in a nice car is gonna get pulled over long before a white guy in whatever POS I’m driving from