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Ocean City Features

I write for OceanCity.com and publish something pretty much every day. Some of what I write are listicles, some are reworked versions of past stories, some are page redesigns. This is a link to the features, but you can find plenty more by me (and by others) on the main site.


Ocean City Features by Tony Russo



beer writing squareBeer Writing

I write about craft beer a lot. I have written two books on the regional history of craft beer, and part of my day job is running ShoreCraftBeer.com. I also do a beer podcast and contribute to digital and print beer publications as well as the occasional guest post, for fun and fulfilment, sometimes for cash, often beer.

Beer columns, contributions and books

Content creation

The phrase used to bother me because it sounded a little too mechanical but if I’m making audio and video presentations, putting together photo galleries, writing blogs and curating comments it is shorthand that makes sense.

Content I’ve created

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